The Game Announces Momentary Social Media Hiatus For Mental Health

The Game has opened up about his struggle with mental health and revealed his plans to take a break from music and other ventures. On Monday (August 1), the rapper took to Instagram to share the news and express how he has been “backstabbed and betrayed” by his closest associates. In his post, he pleaded for his fans to “love on those who love you.”

“I’ve always prided myself on my transparency, in tow with sharing every part of my life & myself with my family, friends & my fans… the past two weeks have been a nightmare for me,” the Compton native wrote. “I have witnessed disloyalty on levels unimaginable by people I’ve trusted with my heart, money, career & livelihood. Not only have I been backstabbed & betrayed.. I’ve been left to pick up the pieces alone.”

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The Doctor’s Advocate emcee also disclosed his physical ailments and detailed he’s been undergoing physical therapy for inflamed muscles and a bruised tailbone due to working out. The Game also stated he accidentally cut his finger “down to the bone” and had to get stitches for the accident.

He concluded his social media post by saying that regardless of his mental health and the betrayal he currently faces, he holds no grudges toward anyone involved.

“I’m in no way, shape, or form angry with anyone for choosing to act in the manner they have as of recent & send love & well wishes from this day forward as there is no hate, malice, or vengefulness in my heart.”

On the music front, The Game has been preparing to release his forthcoming album, Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind, which has seen several delays due to clearance samples and other unforeseen setbacks.

Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind is now set for August 12, with the rapper proclaiming the album as “greatness.”

Read The Game’s full IG post below.

The Game looks to the side

The Game looks to the side

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