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The End Of The World, According To This Artificial Intelligence, Looks Like

This artificial intelligence creates the selfie of the end of the world. (zataka)

a user of TIC Toc called robot overload asked mid trip very special assignment Selfie at the end of the world, And the resulting images look terrifying and worrying to the rest of the platform’s users and other internet users.

Well The protagonists of Selfie, apart from not looking human, look emaciated, at least like people today, and with the backdrop of the apocalypse, In the comments, some say that the photos refer to a nuclear catastrophe, while others speak of the consequences of contamination.

mid trip, Another is artificial intelligence that generates images from texts, this time made by an independent research laboratory. And from this it has become clear that the trend of this year and possibly the decade will be artificial intelligence, which, in addition to being present in the technology centers of companies, will also entertain Internet users.

This is humanity’s last selfie

By far, the most famous of this type of artificial intelligence were related to Google, meta you openAI and whose names are Parts, Make-A-Scene and Dul-E respectively. However, the new proposal from the above research center suggests that there will be many options available to all internet users in the future.

it should be clarified that For now, the few users who have managed to catch the artificial intelligence beta have access to MidJourney.And one of them is the aforementioned TikTok content creator, who decided to ask some troubling questions from technology.

However, it He is not the only TikTok user who has used various artificial intelligence to generate terrifying or thought-provoking images in frightening and real contexts, In fact, there are many social network accounts dedicated to uploading content that can create fear.

This is humanity’s last selfie

For example, in some accounts, followers may send their questions so that the creator can enter them into artificial intelligence and then show the answers to the entire public.

In any case, since almost 2019, artificial intelligence has begun the race to win over users and show the most amazing ones on the Internet. These are by far the most well-known technologies of this type.

Its name comes from the English acronym “Pathway Autoregressive Text-to-Image Model” and is an autoregressive system that creates photorealistic graphic designs from text.

This is humanity’s last selfie

The interesting thing about the party is that it is capable of receiving long and complex signals, so its developers tried to use this artificial intelligence to understand various events in the history of humanity and show “accurate knowledge of the world”. In the words of its creators.

In order for the party to have the ability to understand many ideas and concepts, a computer system called partiproms (P2) was incorporated during its development, which in English was composed of about 1,600 signs, both simple more complicated.

It is artificial intelligence created by the OpenAI company and, like all such technology, after entering a text it generates an image that represents what the system understands according to algorithms and which connects to the information contained in the Internet. Is.

This is humanity’s last selfie

For this reason, sometimes the samples of this artificial intelligence are literal, but on other occasions it surprises with the surrealism of the images it generates, and that is why they become so popular on social networks.

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