The Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3, Ranked By Instagram Followers

After two sickening seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. that gave the world iconic queens like Divina de Campo and Bimini Bon-Boulash, the show is back again for its third season starring a vibrant cast. Fans have undoubtedly scoured the queens’ Instagram accounts to learn more about the new competitors.

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Thanks to the queens’ intros on WOW Presents’ YouTube video, fans have some idea of what to expect for the new season. There’s still more to find out about the cast before the new season premieres sometime this September, including who among them have already built up impressive followings on Instagram.

12 Elektra Fence (15.5k followers)

Elektra Fence is the self-described “pocket rocket of U.K. drag.” The Burnley queen is a trained dancer who is inspired “by strong, glamorous ladies, like Miley Cyrus, Kris Jenner, and Madonna.” She’s also obsessed with brunch and loves to invite other queens to her home to dine and have fun because in her house where “everyone is welcome.” She sounds like a RuPaul’s Drag Race Miss Congeniality candidate already.

Her Instagram account features portraits of her electrifying looks and some videos of her performances. This queen can split and kick. Her dance moves are something fans are likely to see in season 3.


11 River Medway (17.3k followers)

Representing Kent is River Medway, a queen who reminds fans that drag is supposed to be fun — “Don’t take it too seriously, babes.” She loves to dance and sing and looks forward to challenges that involve those talents, especially if it’s a Rusical. River wants to show off her heritage, explaining that she’s 50% British and 50% Singaporean.

After learning how to knot a wig at 15, she never stopped, and it shows on her Instagram page. A lot of her posts serve face she paints herself and gagging hand-knotted wigs. Fans are undoubtedly excited to see her strut down the runway with her stunning hair.

10 Vanity Milan (17.4K followers)

The London-based queen Vanity Milan is ready to skyrocket all the way to the top. She’s been doing drag for only a year, but claims she’s “gone from zero to one hundred quick.” Her goal is to give a lot of flavor in every performance and let her “unapologetic Blackness” shine through in each challenge.

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Vanity’s Instagram account is full of stunning looks that will make any fan gag and goop. Her classy outfits are almost always paired with a gorgeous dark wig. Her recent posts are all about her new merch for the show. She’s clearly excited to show off her outfits on Drag Race U.K.

9 Kitty Scott-Claus (17.6k followers)

Kitty Scott-Claus is a Birmingham queen with a bright and effervescent personality. She describes her drag as “busty, blonde, and bubbly.” Having graduated from drama school, Kitty does an absolutely hilarious impression of a felt-tip pen.

Her Instagram account shows off some more of her vibrant persona, with a lot of her portraits featuring her dazzling smile. She has a signature blonde wig that appears in almost every selfie, and she’s not afraid to glam it up with some glitter and sequins. The queen can paint, which is something other queens should watch out for in the new season.

8 Scarlett Harlett (19.1k followers)

London queen Scarlett Harlett enjoys embracing her cockney roots and describes herself as “Danny Dyer in drag.” She’s a huge fan of EastEnders, saying “Do I watch EastEnders? I am EastEnders.” Scarlett is a competitive queen who’s especially excited about the acting challenges.

Scarlett’s Instagram account features some stunning images of her polished looks. Her gorgeous makeup is only made better by her Hollywood smile. Her page also has a few photos of her performances, but no videos of her acting. Fans will just have to wait to find out if this queen has the acting chops, or if she’ll be one of RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s first-eliminated queens to get the pork chop.

7 Choriza May (19.4k followers)

Newcastle-based queen Choriza May is originally from Valencia, Spain, but explains that her “drag was born in the U.K.” She’s crowned herself the “drag queen of the immigrants” and is excited to be representing the “millions of European immigrants” in the U.K. She calls herself a walking stereotype, but fans would be mistaken to dismiss her as just another camp queen. She would “rather be dead than basic.”

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Choriza’s Instagram account proves there are some beautiful looks behind her humor. Her glamorous outfits are inspired by her heritage and she looks drop-dead gorgeous in them. Choriza also seems to get her eyeliner perfect every single time, so season 3 queens had better beware of “The Spanish Beauty.”

6 Anubis (27.4k followers)

Anubis is a 19-year-old Brighton queen who claims she’s an “old lady inside a teenager’s body.” Her name is inspired by the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Anubis, which is a nod to her Egyptian heritage. She’s been in the music industry since she was 13 and especially loves to sing jazz songs during performances.

Anubis’ Instagram account showcases her glam and creativity. One of her more recent posts presents her inside a frame in an art museum. Her drag truly does scream art. Her colorful eyeshadow and abstract-art-inspired outfits will undoubtedly gag Drag Race judges on the main stage.

5 Krystal Versace (30.2k followers)

Representing Kent is 19-year-old Krystal Versace, a queen that’s about to slay with her fierce looks. She’s been mastering the art of makeup since she was 12 and has come a long way since then. Krystal isn’t afraid of anything, saying, “Drag is all about having no boundaries. In a world with so many rules, F the rules.”

Krystal’s tight-fitting catsuits and impressive painting skills are all over her Instagram page. All of her photos, even the selfies, look like she has just finished dominating a runway somewhere. She’s a gorgeous, fierce queen who’s obviously ready to take over the runway.

4 Ella Vaday (47.2k followers)

The “desperate housewife of Dagenham,” Ella Vaday is a professionally trained actor, singer, and dancer. She used to be a West End performer and has participated in big productions like Wicked. Ella explains that she only looks classy, but isn’t actually. In fact, she loves “nothing more than looking stupid.”

Her Instagram account proves her last statement. In between stunning shots of her drag transformations and impressive performances, she shows off her wacky side with informal, often hilarious photos. The queen can paint, sing, dance, and joke. She could end up being one of the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens with the most challenge wins.

3 Victoria Scone (54.8k followers)

Victoria Scone is Cardiff’s “camp cabaret disco diva” who is making Drag Race her-story by being the first cisgender female to participate in the competition. RuPaul’s Drag Race has previously tackled deep issues about identity and drag, but Victoria reminds fans to have fun with it, saying, “Some people wanna put a label on it and call me an AFAB (assigned female at birth) drag queen, but I am just a drag queen.”

Victoria’s campy looks are all over her Instagram account. She seems to love to dress up as fruits, with portraits of her as a banana and a strawberry featured on her feed. Her painting skills are impressive and always show her fun side. She’s undoubtedly bringing fashion and comedy to the Werk Room in season 3.

2 Charity Kase (151k followers)

Lancashire-based Charity Kase loves “creating a fantasy from another dimension” with her otherworldly looks. She enjoys treading the line between grotesque and glamorous, always trying to bring that “gay of thrones moment.”

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Charity’s Instagram feed features a lot of her horror chic moments. From a glammed-up gremlin to a murderous Donald Duck, she combines camp and fashion through her creativity (and hot glue). Drag Race fans are probably dying to see how the judges react to Charity’s runway looks in the upcoming season.

1 Veronica Green (162k followers)

Drag Race fans haven’t forgotten Rochdale’s Veronica Green from season 2. After the pandemic cut her journey short, Veronica received an open invitation from Mama Ru to return to the show for the next season, and she didn’t turn it down. When asked about her comeback, Veronica said everybody deserves a second chanc, and she wasn’t about to let rat bite fever stop her from getting the crown.

Aside from her stunning looks, Veronica’s Instagram account shows off some of her most iconic moments from the previous seasons. She has merch with the memorable “rat bite fever” line, as well as her polarizing “Medusa with a pig head” look. Fans will have to wait and see if Veronica’s season 2 experience will serve her as a useful advantage in season 3.

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