The art of monkey business comes to Mt. Pleasant

James Walker Henry’s surrealism art is on display at Mt. Pleasant Main Street Art Center

James Henry produces thought provoking surreal art in a variety of mediums. (Photo submitted)

Henry (left) poses with Cody (middle) and Greg Flietner in front of the art inspired by the couple. (Photo submitted)

MT. PLEASANT — James Walker Henry received a warm welcome at his artist reception as the August artist on display in the Mt. Pleasant Main Street Art Center’s Gallery.

Henry has been painting professionally for over 39 years and even began taking adult painting classes at the age of 10.

According to Henry, his art addresses social and political issues. Some are beautiful, others are harsh.

He hopes his art “gives people hope about the world they live in.”

Henry welcomed art enthusiasts in his signature “monkey suit,” and enjoyed chatting with those in attendance.

Every element of Henry’s art was up for discussion, even his suit.

The suit is pictured in Henry’s piece “Monkey Business” which contains details such as 401 on the sleeves of suits worn by monkeys, American flag pocket squares, DOW bananas, and brief cases with green and red triangles.

Henry’s suit does differ from the painting some, however, with a bedazzled 401.

Small groups could be seen gathered around different surrealism pieces displayed throughout the gallery.

The classic hand on the chin, furrowed brow, and hushed conversations of a perplexing art exhibit could be seen in every direction.

Henry visited with the two muses for his painting “Popcorn Addiction,” Cody and Greg Flietner of Big River Popcorn.

“All in all it was a great evening,“ Henry said. ”I hope people come and see the exhibit before the month of Aug. is over.“

Henry’s work will remain on display for patrons to experience for the remainder of August.

After this exhibit Henry will appear on Paula Sands Live Aug. 29 to promote his exhibits in the Quad Cities in November, December and January.


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