Tesla Model 3 Smart Summon Valet Feature Malfunctions, Electric Car Drives Into a Pole

Tesla Model 3 Smart Summon Valet Feature Malfunctions, Electric Car Drives Into a Pole

Tesla, the EV manufacturing company, has always been a point of discussion among the technophiles and the Luddites. According to some people, the technology is way ahead of its time and is not ready for the world yet, while some go gaga seeing the things Tesla cars can do. A video has recently surfaced on the Internet in which one of the most advanced features of the car malfunctioned and resulted in a minor mishap. The feature under scrutiny is the ‘Smart Summon’ Valet feature.

The Smart Summon feature allows you to summon your Tesla from the parking spot to the point where you are. Once you open the app on your phone, it detects your location and the location of the car using GPS and shows you real-time visuals in satellite-view. On selecting the location on your screen and pressing a button, the Tesla starts advancing towards your location. It uses multiple cameras and sensors to guide its way to you.

However, in this case, the car lost its accuracy to steer through various objects and hindrances in the way and ended up brushing a pole in the parking lot. Instead of steering in the right direction, it steered in the opposite and incurred a scratch on its door.

The owner of the car voiced the issue at the dealership seeking compensation for the damage. The company refused to take liability for the incident and said that the feature is still in the Beta phase. However, the company agreed to pay for the damage, following the proviso that the incident was a collision and not a malfunction.

On July 18, 2021, Elon Musk, Tesla’s owner, tweeted while reverting to a user complimenting Tesla’s Full-Self Driving (FSD) feature. He wrote, “Current Summon is sometimes useful, but mostly just a fun trick. Once we move summon to a single FSD stack, it will be sublime.”

Technology has its own pace, and sometimes it aligns with the pace of the world, and sometimes it doesn’t. All we need is to find the right balance.

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