Teen arrested after threatening to bomb elementary school on social media

A 19-year-old by the name of Thomas Gabbard was arrested by Washington police on Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to bomb an elementary school while he was on Instagram Live.

Gabbard claimed to be a gang member during his IG Live and when one viewer insisted that he was lying, the 19-year-old responded by saying he was “going to pull up and bomb a school.”

After Gabbard said that he had bombs in his possession, the viewer who challenged him contacted police.

The viewer told police Gabbard called him using the phone number listed on his profile and said the call lasted about two minutes.

Gabbard did not specify which school he wanted to bomb so the viewer tried to get information from Gabbard regarding the threat.

The IG user also claimed that Gabbard called him “racially derogatory names” and notified police that the suspect had several Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Thomas Gabbard has a criminal record

According to police, Gabbard had a juvenile conviction that prohibits him from legally possessing firearms and said they found three photos in which the suspect is holding firearms.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office and a SWAT team served a “high-risk search warrant” and arrested Gabbard without incident.

They found no explosives or firearms at the scene and Gabbard said during a police interview that he wasn’t serious about the bomb threat.

He also admitted that he was not part of a criminal gang and that the firearms in his pictures were air powered.

Gabbard later admitted that the rifle shown in his photo was taken at his sister’s house despite knowing he was not allowed to possess a firearm.

The arrest came just weeks after a gunman shot and killed 21 individuals, including students and teachers, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

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