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Teacher calls parents ‘terrorists’ in viral song video, Internet demands her sacking

A teacher has gone viral on the internet after she sang a bizarre song, calling parents “terrorists”. The teacher, whose identity is not known, apparently posted the video on TikTok, which was then reshared on Twitter by the handle @libsoftiktok.

The 26-second clip showed the woman clapping and making faces as she sang, “Here’s your ostinato: Terrorists, Terrorists Purple for Parents are… Terrorists, Terrorists Purple for Parents are… While some had good intentions they all were misinformed,” before adding: “Now threatening violence, doxxing teachers has become the norm. They come to school board meetings with lots of things to say but they will bully, cuss or scream If they don’t get their way.”


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No context has been available about the video except that she seemed to be angry with the parents who “come to school board meetings” and she appeared to target Purple For Parents, “a community of parents that is dedicated to empowering parents to get involved in their children’s education, taking charge of their rights as taxpayers and having access to the best schools the state has to offer”. Also, the place that the teacher belongs to is not known yet, but it surely left many people enraged online.

Commenting below the video, which has been viewed more than 100K times, a user wrote: “My son had a principal who thought like this. She thought that she wasn’t beholden to the parents and let kids get beat up by violent disorder kids All in the name of getting a five-star School rating.We went private, a year later she was demoted, she now sells home made jewelry.” Another one tweeted, “I really hope someone figures out what school district she works for and sends them this video.”





A person noted, “Absolutely support free speech and her rights – I would suggest her employer offer some mental health support …because something doesn’t seem right with this adult with access to young impressionable minds #MentalHealthAwareness.” Another said, “Here’s your ostinato: Teacher, Teacher Job, she has no more…” “It’s not a teacher’s job to tell a parent or student they’re misinformed. Educate them on imperical things and teach them how to critically think. That’s it,” a user stated.




“Someone will be looking for a new job soon,” a user sarcastically wrote. Another one angrily said, “They never seem to understand what makes someone a terrorist or what terrorism actually is, ‘cause it is not parents complaining about what your teaching their children.’”




A tweet read, “parents: what are teaching my kid? private school: sends link to curriculum-overview WebEx meeting parents: what are teaching my kid? public school: I wrote a song about how your a bad person, it’s catchy, you’ll love it.” Another sarcastic tweet stated, “Although Education majors have the lowest SAT scores and GPAs among university applicants, I’m sure she’s really intelligent and knows her subject with dispassionate, scholarly erudition.  It really comes through here.”



A person wrote, “Yikes, never once did the condescending tone in her voice leave. It just sounded like vocal toxic sludge. She has a great voice but she is sending a double sided message here…educators of America unite!”

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