Taliban denies introduction of restrictions on social media

An image grab taken from Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television on August 16, 2021, shows Members of Taliban taking control of the presidential palace in Kabul after Afghanistan’s president flew out of the country. Source: AFP

Taliban Spokesman Suhail Shaheen on Tuesday said the Taliban movement had no plans to introduce any restrictions on social media in Afghanistan.

Shaheen said the Taliban believed in the freedom of speech, ready to accept criticism, and would only make efforts to limit the spreading of fake information.

“No, there aren’t any restrictions on social media. We believe in the freedom of speech.

“If someone criticizes our activities or has some views that he wants to express, it is fine with us, it is all part of freedom of speech.

“But of course we do not want the spread of lies and fabrications, those might be restricted. Otherwise, we don’t have any problem,” Shaheen said. (Sputnik/NAN)

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