Sunday Funday Moment: Social media helps parents reunite with student who left doorbell message for their daughter

El Paso, Texas– Back in June Eastwood high school graduate Christopher Lucero decided to leave a special message on the doorbell camera of his 4th-grade teacher, Mandy Ferguson, who passed away nearly 4-years ago on Thanksgiving Day.

Mandy’s parents saw the video and were so moved by the heartwarming message they wanted to find out who this students was to personally thank him for this kind gesture.

“Christopher, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that meant to my wife and to me to have my daughters legacy passed on for you to carry a piece of her in your heart all the way through these 8 years,” said Mandy’s father, Dan Ferguson, in our first interview with him.

After our story aired, classmates of Christopher reached out and made the reunion possible.

Mandy’s parents were able to thank Christopher with a hug and a graduation gift, and they even thanked Christopher’s mom as well.

“Parents have a lot to do with this so thank you guys because you did a great job in raising him,” said Dan to Christopher’s mom.

Christopher shared stories of the first time he stepped foot into Mandy’s classroom

“We didn’t come to good terms at the beginning because as I walked in there was a big Green Bay packers sign in the front and I don’t know if you know this but my team is the Vikings,” said Christopher as he laughed.

He even confessed to the one subject that he wasn’t too fond of.

“My grades have always been good but I’ve had to be tutored only once and that one person was your daughter. I’m very bad at English,” said Christopher as Mandy’s father laughed along with him.

Christopher didn’t think his kind gesture would bring him so much attention.

“I didn’t feel like I warranted any of the publicity and if I would have understood that they were going to do all this I might as well have left my number on the flower as a little post it note,” said Christopher jokingly.

For Christopher, this kind gesture was a way for him to pay tribute to those special teachers in his life who were the building blocks to where he is in life right now.

“It was just as a remembrance because obviously I can’t thank them anymore so I just thought I’d thank the family.”

Christopher has plans to attend NMSU to study to become a doctor or an engineer.

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