Student accused of making social media threat aimed at Atlantic Coast High School

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A student was apprehended Friday after allegedly making a social media threat aimed at Atlantic Coast High School, according to the principal.

On Friday morning, Dr. Michael George, principal of Atlantic Coach High, sent to families a message, which News4JAX obtained, saying school officials were informed of a social media post from a student threatening a shooting at the school. The message states that police identified the student accused of making the threat and that the student was apprehended.

News4JAX spoke briefly to the principal, who said that the threat was “unfounded,” but the student accused of making the social media is being arrested.

As a precaution, the message says, the school operated on a code yellow status in the morning. It has since been lifted, with school operations returning to normal.

According to the school, additional police, administrators and security were on campus, and video captured Duval County school police arriving on scene in the morning.


As of now, the student in question has not been identified, and it’s unclear exactly what the social media post said.

Two messages were sent out to families, and parents were told that they were welcome to pick up their children and that absences will be excused. News4JAX spoke on and off camera with several parents who were very concerned and decided to not take chances so they drove to the school to get their children.

One student said he found out about the incident when an announcement came over the intercom but had not heard specifically about the social media post until News4JAX spoke with him later.

“I was not aware of it, but I heard of it happening at other schools,” said freshman Ryan Safar.

Safar said it was a scary situation.

“But I knew the school would help us,” Safar continued. “The school is a very good school.”

News4JAX heard the same thing from other students, who said they were not aware of a threat until much later.


News4JAX is speaking later with this Duval County School Police Department Chief Greg Burton.

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