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Stop Breathing Like a Baby and Improve Your Health!

I am starting this series of lifestyle and wellness posts about heath with breathing techniques before exercise and nutrition. Because it is the most important thing to get right and you can start right now.

You are probably breathing incorrectly because no one taught you how to slow and soften your inhale and exhale with breath holds on the exhale.

  1. Breath only though your nose.
  2. Soften your breathing.
  3. Slow down your breath.
  4. Practice pausing for 20 seconds on the exhale.
  5. Press your tongue to the top of your palate with positive pressure with a slight vacuum so there is no air space in your mouth.
  6. Clear your mind focus on the “I” thought “WHO AM I” as thoughts arise use the “I” thought to make them disappear. Though practice the “I” will dissolve into itself creating realization.
  7. Throughout the day focus on softer breathing and on oxygen / carbon dioxide efficiency

What do you think?

Written by Doug Haynes

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