Steve Jobs’ handwritten job application is auctioned as NFT or printed

A job application from the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, handwritten by the businessman at an age between 17 and 18 years old, is being auctioned on the internet and although it had already been auctioned before, now the interested person will be able to obtain it in digital as NFT or non-fungible token .

The organizer of this event acquired the original piece for a value of 224,750 dollars (4,518,014 Mexican pesos approximately) in a bid held in London in March of this year.

On the website , you can find the physical and digital version of the document, there is also a survey in which you can vote to give your opinion on which one you think has the most value.

Apparently, the organizer is trying to prove a point related to how we perceive physical and digital value in the current age. In a statement, posted on the website, he explains:

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