Startup co-founder schooled on LinkedIn for mocking bad English

Sahil Vaidya

Knowing a foreign language may be an asset, and yet not the cornerstone of one’s intelligence, knowledge, experience, or identity. While worldwide, some 1.75 billion people, including leaders, the business decision-makers, and youngsters choose the English language to express their ideas and thought processes, good knowledge of the language is never a measure of intelligence, and likewise, not knowing the widely-spoken language shall not shun out an individual of their social cliques, or be mocked at. Often, the Grammar Nazis or Sesquipedalians, or those fond of ‘high-flown’ language tag others struggling with the English language as “un-smart,” despite that there is no scientific evidence that the proficiency in a foreign language determines human intelligence, the logical analysis by the scientific world has time and again found.

But The Minimalist Co-founder, Sahil Vaidya, who made it on Forbes 30 under 30 list, does not seem to agree with the logic as he propelled an inane idea on Wednesday that seemed to predict that if an individual is “not as proficient” in a foreign language, he/she needs “fixing”. Vaidya’s LinkedIn status on July 21 set off a flurry of responses after he made a joke in a bad light that linked a person’s ability to exercise their brain power with the ‘groom’ that they reflect in their spoken or written English Language. 

“‘When someone says your screen is getting stucked, I can’t able to see it’, you wonder what to fix first: the screen or their grammar,” the co-founder of the start-up wrote in a status, sparking a barrage of comments that said, “perhaps his attitude may be the first thing to fix here.” 

Internet deeply offended

Condemning his mockery directed at an unidentified “someone”, the internet stated, “Wow. This guy knows how a person spells can’t by just hearing what he says.” Meanwhile one other pointed out, “It’s a subconscious subservience to colonialism and the western culture that is still residual in our psyche which automatically establishes an intelligence hierarchy through fluency of English or lack thereof. Unfortunately, none bats an eye if the vernacular grammar is wrong.”

Another slammed his point of view saying, “The wrong takeaway. The point is, correcting someone’s grammar and English proficiency is a terrible way to be judgemental, especially someone for whom English is a second language.” And yet another wrote, “I wish people understood that language is just a means to communicate and as long as the message is conveyed.” Vaidya’s status sparked controversy as many were deeply offended by his hypothesis, and several others attempted to lay off the sneering.



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