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Starbucks Workers Overwhelmed with a 22-Drink Order by a ‘Karen’

A TikTok video shows young Starbucks workers overwhelmed with a 22-drink order by a “Karen” in California.

The video, posted by barista @sarai.camp0s, has been viewed 1.5 million times. Comments are turned off, which suggest some hate likely leaked into the discussion. The caption says, “Oh, just a regular day working at Starbucks #starbucks #wequit.”

“I guess Karen’s little sister ordered today,” she wrote on the overlay, showing the first of a 22-drink order for a “Katie.”

Per the drink stickers, the order is an Uber Eats delivery from late June from a Starbucks in Hayward, California.

In the overlay, she wrote that 18 of the 22 drinks are strawberry acai lemonades. They were small drinks, suggesting the beverages are likely for a group of children. In that case, there were probably easier, less expensive ways to satisfy the kids’ collective thirsts.

“We used 3 big bags and 2 regular ones to hold all the drinks,” she said.

“Katie, you made us all quit,” she finished.

At least they completed the order without issue, versus doing what another TikToker did, and eliminate options from the Starbucks app to make their shift easier to manage.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2021, 12:54 pm CDT

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