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Spotify Employees Feel That Joe Rogan Show Is Transphobic

Rolling Stone magazine will have new leadership as The New York Times reports they’ll be hiring Noah Shachtman to serve as its new editor in chief. 

Shachtman is currently a top editor of The Daily Beast since 2018, where he’s covered the former President Trump’s administration, the Jefferey Epstein sex trafficking scandal, and news relating to other media outlets.

“It’s got to be faster, louder, harder,” Shachtman said. “We’ve got to be out getting scoops, taking people backstage, showing them parts of the world they don’t get to see every day.”

The Daily Beast editor takes over the position at Rolling Stone from Jason Fine. The former editor-in-chief stepped down in February after five and a half years. Fine now oversees the digital media content, which includes podcasts, documentaries, and other media ventures.

“I love that his strength is in an area where we need to get stronger,” Gus Wenner, Rolling Stone’s president and chief operating officer, said. “But he’s certainly got the skill set on long-form pieces, and that’s going to continue to be super important, too.”

There’s no scheduled date as to when Shachtman will take over; nonetheless, he’s excited about the opportunity, taking to Twitter to announce his new role with Rolling Stone. 

“Rolling Stone changed my life. Its music journalism helped push me to play in bands for real. Its conflict reporting gave me a north star to aim for when I was a national security reporter. I can’t f***ing wait to help this incredible team write its next chapter,” Shachtman tweeted. 

“Y’all know how much I love The Beast. I’ve never had a job, so fulfilling, so fun, and that delivered such an impact. I’ve never had colleagues more dedicated to their mission. Tracy Connor is the best journalist I know. She’s going to do an amazing job with this crew.”

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