Social media’s damaging effect on youth

As a girl who grew up riding her bike around her neighborhood and playing games outside with friends, I consider myself lucky that I didn’t go through my childhood with the influence of social media. Now with social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, many find themselves struggling with how they perceive their body when they see other girls their age or older who fit more into the typical beauty standards. Seeing comments on posts like “body goals” or “dream body” continues to enforce the idea in young girls’ heads that their body is not good enough because it looks different from others.

My worry is for the younger generations who are impressionable and are exposed more to social media now than when I was younger.  Kids are growing up idolizing women they see on social media and may take drastic measures so they can look like their idols when they may never be able to achieve their “dream body” due to age and genetics.

On the bright side, the body positivity movement has been growing all over social media. Different influencers are spreading ideas that because a body has stretch marks or cellulite does not mean that it is any less beautiful than the stereotypical “perfect body.” I hope that kids like my little sister won’t let social media determine their value or damage their confidence because they may not look like every model, celebrity or influencer they see online.

Julia Miorin

Averill Park

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