Social media video shows Richmond officer’s fiancée walk down aisle at hospital

Richmond officer Seara Burton’s fiancée posted a video on her TikTok page showing an emotion-filled moment for the couple.

Burton is in critical condition after being injured in a shooting a week before her wedding.

>>Richmond police officer critically injured was supposed to get married Friday, chief says

In the video, Burton’s fiancée, Sierra Neal, can be seen in a wedding dress walking through the halls and into the room of her betrothed.

On the door into the hospital room, a picture of Burton and K-9 Brev can be seen hanging.

Neal writes in the caption, “This walk was supposed to look a lot different, but I will always be thankful we still got to celebrate. Even if it is not legal on paper, you are my wife.”

She ended the caption by telling Burton she loves her.

The video has over 300K likes on TikTok.

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