Social media star Nimisha apologises over ‘Palliyodam’ photoshoot

Aranmula: Two days after the social media star Nimisha attracted huge outcry after she had shared pictures of her in a ‘palliyodam’ wearing footwear, she has come out expressing her deep sorrow over the incident. “I was not aware of the traditions. Had it been informed, I wouldn’t have done this.”

She also expressed her worry over the trolls and the vulgar manner in which she was criticised. “Soon after realising it was a mistake, I removed the pictures from my wall. Even after removing it, I got threatening messages and abusive trolls. My intention was not bad,” said Nimisha.    

Palliyodam is a large snake boat built and used by Aranmula temple for the procession in Pamba River. She faced sharp criticism for entering the Palliyodam by wearing footwear.  

According to the Palliyodam Seva Sangham, women are not supposed to enter the palliyodams and wearing footwear inside is prohibited. Men are allowed only after following a prescribed diet and ritual. Nimisha flouted all such customs, said the sangham.

These palliyodams are kept inside a specially built ‘palliyoda pura’ (shelter) and wearing footwear is not allowed inside. Each palliyodam is owned by respective ‘palliyodakara’ and prior permission is must to enter a ‘palliyoda pura’. Thiruvalla police registered a case against Nimisha on a complaint filed by Puthukulangara Sri Durga NSS Karayogam.  

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