Social media posts show mask mandate is emotional issue | Education

“I hope (school districts) leave it up to the parents. We know what’s best for our child,” said Russ Holbert, who has a child attending elementary school in Glenwood.

He added that it was fine if people wanted to wear a mask, but he wasn’t going to force his child to because of anxiety brought on by masking.

“Next they will tell parents that babies and kids have to use car seats. It should be the parents’ choice! Of course not putting your kid in a car seat doesn’t infect a classmate. Poor analogy, I digress,” said Mason City School District Board of Education director Jacob Schweitzer in a Facebook comment.

Schweitzer has four kids in the Mason City district, spanning from elementary to high school. He said he was glad to see the ruling since he felt that the law was taking away local control.

Schweitzer will take part in the mask mandate decision-making process on Monday for  Mason City schools. School boards around North Iowa have been discussing the topic, with the Clear Lake Board of Education recently deciding it would not require a return to masking.

“100% of the communication that I have received is pro-mask,” said Schweitzer.

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