SOCIAL MEDIA: Lethargy, TV are killing you

One thing I’ve noticed in the past two to three years is that the baby boomers and older have all become GLUED to television, social media and politics. It almost seems like retirement for many people is sitting inside all day and watching your favorite news program or getting on some social media site to discuss politics. In reality, none of that really matters. Politics swings in both directions just like it has since it started and it will forever.

People freak out and think the country is going to tank because of a new president, yet it doesn’t. Then you’re told to hate Russia and that WWIII is going to happen, yet it doesn’t. Then you’re told something will become illegal and we all need to care, yet it doesn’t. I understand that’s not a popular statement, but if you got rid of social media and televisions, you’d realize it.

All the stress, anger and frustration you get from seeing things you don’t like or agree with will literally go away. The AI technology in social media is DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU ANGRY, because anger instills more interaction than happiness or other emotions. So, disconnect from the robot and go live your life. Go ride a bike, go for a walk, go visit your grand kids, just get out of the house and GET RID OF THAT TELEVISION! After a week you’ll feel freedom like you’ve never felt before, and you’ll never look back.


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