Social media influencers urged to file income tax returns

AMMAN — The Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) has assigned a team to help social media influencers who earn taxable income from social media rectify their legal status and file their income tax returns, as well as paying the required taxes. 

The ISTD said that a group of social media influencers has already visited the department to file their tax returns.

All social media influencers or anyone who earns money from social media is subject to the income and general tax law, the department said.

The ISTD invited all social media earners, including influencers, YouTubers, producers of live-streaming and gaming content, those who advertise and promote products, and anyone who earns income via these platforms, to visit the department to avoid fines and legal action that would be taken against those who fail to register voluntarily.

Clause No. 34 of Article 3 of the Income Tax Law of 2014 stipulates that any income incurred in or from Jordan, regardless of the place of payment, shall be subject to tax.

All social media influencers subject to registration for sales tax must register in the public tax record and declare their returns from social media and online activities.

The department said that social media influencers should visit the department and voluntarily file their reports no later than the beginning of October. After the deadline, legal action will be taken against those who fail to register.

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