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Social media helps police find dirt bike rider wanted in East Lyme

EAST LYME, CT (WFSB) – Social media has been a big help for police the last few years, leading to arrests, or breakthroughs in investigations.

It was crucial this weekend when charging a wild dirt bike rider in East Lyme.

A TikTok video led to an arrest.

Facebook is usually key for police departments, asking for help by posting surveillance pictures or video.

In this case police are thankful the man they were chasing posted it all on TikTok.

Police footage shows a reckless dirt bike rider dangerously weave through busy traffic.

East Lyme police chased the daredevil.

He refused to pull over, switching lanes into oncoming traffic.

You can see he even filmed the chase.

The 18-year-old rider took the officer through a wild ride, into a gas station, back onto the street and eventually into a shopping plaza.

He cruised through parking spaces and lanes.

Eventually the officer realizes someone could get hurt and ended the chase.

The rider got away.

Luckily for police, the alleged man on the bike, Christopher Pond, posted the video he took of the chase on his own TikTok.

The video was quickly deleted, but it was too late.

Police found it and tracked Pond down.

“All over the road, taking up both lanes, doing wheelies in the road,” said East Lyme Police Chief Michael Finkelstein.

Pond turned himself in Sunday after talking to police, four days after the chase.

He was charged with engaging police in pursuit, and operating vehicle without a license and registration.

He paid his $500 bond and was released.

“Ultimately the goal is really to identify people that are involved in this activity to keep everybody safe,” said Finkelstein.

Finkelstein knows police departments are scouring social media all the time, using it to their advantage.

“We’re certainly utilizing any opportunities to find videos that are out there that are other types of criminal activity,” Finkelstein said.

Police say dirt bike riding is getting bad in the New London area and trickles to East Lyme and Waterford.

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