Social Media Giving Day 2022 — Using Platforms Like Twitter To Help Others

Social Media Giving Day is observed annually on July 15 across the world. It was started by a non-profit organisation called, which has been raising funds via Twitter since 2013. The owner of, Chris Sommers, is also the founder of popular American food chain Pi Pizzeria. People are encouraged to donate through social networks on this special day.

Social Media Giving Day was established by, and was first celebrated in 2013. is a St. Louis-based not-for-profit-focused technology platform that focuses on encouraging social media users to donate via social networks like Twitter. In 2013, Givver spent five months working with elected officials in the US, charitable organisations, and social media influencers to promote Social Media Giving Day as a way to use social media for social good. Finally, governors and mayors of America declared July 15 ‘Social Media Giving Day.’

The purpose of Social Media Giving Day is to encourage people to use social media as a platform to donate to their preferred charities and causes they support.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media was widely used to make donations for the poor and to organisations in need of aid.

The aftermath of the pandemic is still affecting people as many have lost their jobs. Thus, making a small contribution on this day would go a long way for the people who need it.

How can you get involved?

Social Media Giving Day has made it possible to make a collective effort towards making contributions to charities. It is an open opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their support. You can contribute to several non-profit agencies via social media platforms and promote their campaigns on a personal level.

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