Social media ‘fasting’ contest aims to cure Jains’ addiction to mobile phones | World

Over the centuries the Jain religion in India has acquired a reputation for its dedication to fasting at festivals and on birthdays, anniversaries and holy days.

Now the community is promoting a new type of deprivation with a “digital fasting” competition designed to wean youths off their mobile phones.

“The mobile is a good servant but a dangerous master” is the tagline of the contest in which 2,000 young people have agreed to shun mobiles, laptops and tablets for 12 hours every day for 50 days.

The brainchild of Rajesh Kumar Shah, head of the Jain Foundation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the purpose of the campaign, which started in July but culminates on Friday , is to “cleanse” the participants mentally.

It is a chance for

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