‘Smirking’ drink driver who mowed down OnlyFans model insists she’s sorry despite 12-hour bender after being let off

A DRUNK driver who ploughed into an OnlyFans model celebrated escaping a jail term over the crash  by going on a 12-hour bender.

Finley Taylor, 27, was walking her dog with her husband when a car mounted the curb and ploughed into her, leaving her with horrifying injuries.


Emily Down escaped jail and partied hours after her sentencingCredit: Instagram
Finley Taylor was left with stitches in her leg after the incident


Finley Taylor was left with stitches in her leg after the incidentCredit: Finley Taylor

“Party girl” Emily Down was more than four times over the drink drive limit when she was driving her white Citroen DS3 which smashed into Finley on May 30th. 

Finley, husband Eddie and their King Charles Cavalier Walter were struck in front of shocked residents in sleepy Ammanford in Wales.

Down pleaded guilty to one count of drunk driving, one count of driving without a licence and one count of failing to stop after an accident. 

Eyewitnesses had claimed that she had attempted to leave the scene of the accident before being stopped by locals in the area. 

At Llanelli Magistrates’ Court Down was given a 28 month driving ban, a 24 month community resolution order and was ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work.

She was also handed a fine of £153, costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £95 to be paid within a month of the hearing on July 1 – where she told the court she was “sorry” for her actions. 

Down was given a 24 month driving ban by the court


Down was given a 24 month driving ban by the courtCredit: Instagram
Finley was left unable to work because of the horror injuries


Finley was left unable to work because of the horror injuriesCredit: Finley Taylor

Down, 27, was joined by four female friends for the drinking session in her back garden at the home she shares with her mother in Ammanford, south west Wales.

The pals started getting stuck into the booze within hours of Down walking free from court on Thursday this week.

The women’s drinking session started at 2pm on Thursday and the alcohol continued to flow until around 2am the next day, according to neighbours in the quiet cul de sac.

The women downed bottles of wine, beer and spirits, and blasted out loud music in her back garden. 

Down and her  friends could be heard “whooping and singing“ throughout the afternoon and evening until they collapsed in the early hours.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “Emily couldn’t believe she’d got off so lightly in court and wanted to celebrate in the only way she knows now – by throwing a loud party and drinking industrial quantities of alcohol.

Neighbours claim that she partied with pals hours after leaving the court room


Neighbours claim that she partied with pals hours after leaving the court roomCredit: Instagram
The accident has left her unable to work as she has been covered in bruises


The accident has left her unable to work as she has been covered in bruisesCredit: Finley Taylor

“She is basically a party girl and spends all her spare time drinking with her mates. She has no responsibilities and doesn’t seem like she wants to have any. It would get in the way of her drinking and partying.

“She doesn’t have a boyfriend, just a group of female friends who she goes out with all the time.

“She had 13 friends over for an all day and all night party to celebrate her birthday in April this year, even though we were still in Covid restrictions on social gatherings. She doesn’t care.

“Everyone round here thinks she’s completely got away with almost killing this poor woman. She should have been dealt with much more harshly for what she did.”

Today, Down said she was sorry for mowing down model Finley Taylor while more than twice over the legal alcohol limit for driving.

Asked if she felt remorse for her actions, Down replied: “Absolutely, yes. I am sorry for what happened.”

But she said she had not apologised to Finley for maiming her.

The entire horrifying incident was caught on CCTV


The entire horrifying incident was caught on CCTV
Down has said that she's sorry for the accident


Down has said that she’s sorry for the accidentCredit: Instagram

“It’s all in my solicitor’s hands,” she said. “I have been advised not to say anything to anyone.”

But Finley was left furious after watching Down “smirking” in the dock as she was sentenced despite leaving her with horror injuries. 

Speaking to The Sun she said: “The only time she looked shocked or worried was when the prosecutor said there was a heavy social media presence about it. She wasn’t phased with the convictions at all.

“It’s more than I thought it would be. I don’t think anything would ever feel like enough when I think of the impact this has had on me. 

“She smirked a lot in court, and didn’t seem bothered about her sentence at all. I think that’s the most annoying thing.

“She looked at me, and smirked. She smiled as she said ‘guilty’ to all charges. Other than smirking, her only expressions were frustration and irritation. 

Finley claims that Down "smirked" at her in the court room


Finley claims that Down “smirked” at her in the court roomCredit: Finley Taylor
Finley believes that she  survived by 'sheer dumb luck'


Finley believes that she survived by ‘sheer dumb luck’

“When she was sentenced she showed no shock or worry, and said she was happy to pay the fine straight away. 

“It didn’t even seem to make a dent for her. Although her defense lawyer did say that she still had to pay for her financed car, that she never had a licence for. 

“When my personal statement was read out, she showed no emotion when she heard that I had begged the people helping me that night to let me die, or to just kill me to end the pain. 

“There was no emotion when she heard that in that moment I wished she had just killed me. No emotion.”

Terrifying footage shows the model being flung into the air by the white car before landing heavily on the pavement.

The 40mph crash in broad daylight left her needing 15 stitches in her leg – and was lucky not to have killed her.

Finley, who works as a model on adult website Only Fans, has been left unable to work after the accident. 

She added: “Her defense lawyer said that she wanted to apologise to me. No apology was put forward or attempted. When we left the court she locked eyes on me and glared at me. 

“The convictions she has received are better than I expected her to get. But it didn’t seem to matter to her. She got up and walked away happily, whilst I still have to use my cane to get around. 

“She broke me that night, and has barely faced justice. I feel horrified that someone could do this to me and show no remorse.

“She has never attempted to apologise to me, only claiming she has an apology for the courts.”

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