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Shiba Inu founder’s tweet to Kanye West has left crypto investors baffled

Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi Kusama just posted a cryptic tweet featuring Kanye West, leaving fans scratching their heads.

Investors of the cryptocurrency have taken to Twitter in an attempt to work out what it all could mean. We’re breaking down the puzzling post.

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What is Shiba Inu?

If you’re not familiar with the cryptocurrency world, Shiba Inu is the 11th-biggest cryptocurrency by market value, as per Bloomberg.

The token, themed after a Japanese hunting dog, is now worth a hefty $30 billion. Interestingly enough, however, Bloomberg reports that you can buy a lot of Shiba Inu for not very much money.

What did Shiba Inu’s founder tweet to Kanye West?

Crypto investors have been left baffled after Shiba Inu’s founder posted somewhat of a mysterious tweet involving rapper Kanye West, otherwise known as Ye.

The tweet, written by @ShytoshiKusama, read: “Good choice @kanyewest.”

At the time of publishing, Ye is yet to reply to the cryptic tweet and, according to The Sun, the price of the coin stayed relatively unaffected following the post.

Kusama’s tweet sure has gained a lot of traction, though. At the time of writing, the ‘good choice’ post boasts over 5k likes and over 1000 retweets.

Twitter theories following mysterious post

Investors of the cryptocurrency have taken to Twitter to theorize the connection between the Good Morning rapper and Shiba Inu.

One person wrote: “So what happened with kanye?… I’m lost…lol.”

Another tweeted: “You killn me!!!!! What’s the TEA WITH @kanyewest.”

Somebody else theorized that it could be to do with the fact that Ye was recently spotted with model Vinetria, writing: “Kanye was seen out at a b-ball game with Model Vinetria. They may be dating …Shytoshi thinks she’s [fire].”

Another wrote: “What did Yeezy do? Get into some SHIB?”

Others guessed that Kanye had started to invest in the currency, whereas another wrote: “Y’all can’t tell me he if he not shytoshi he damn sure knows who is!!!!”

It’s not currently clear what the connection is between Ye and Shiba Inu, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

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