Shaq Reveals The Things He’s Too Tall To Do In Viral TikTok Interview With Bobbi Althoff, And It’s As Funny As You Think It Is

Shaquille O’Neal is a four-time NBA champion, sports analyst, DJ and contributor to movies, TV and video games. He’s an unwitting comedian who has been in law enforcement and loves to make people’s day with sweet financial gestures. Seriously, is there anything Shaq can’t do? That’s what podcaster Bobbi Althoff wanted to find out when she sat down with The Big Aristotle, and it turns out, there are a few burdens to bear when it comes to being over 7 feet tall. Althoff shared a viral TikTok clip from their conversation on The Really Good Podcast, and it’s just as hilarious and ridiculous as you’d think it would be.

The conversation started off with a pretty simple question as Bobbi Althoff asked for some things Shaquille O’Neal wishes he could do but is too tall for. Between his deadpan humor and her intentionally awkward interview style, I understand why this video has over 12 million views. Their exchange is simply something that must be witnessed: 

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