SDPD – NBC 7 San Diego

SDPD – NBC 7 San Diego

At least four fires were ignited near North Park overnight, according to San Diego police.

The costliest of the fires, most of which were sparked between 1-2 a.m., involved a Tesla parked near Utah and Capps streets. In that fire, someone lit a car cover on fire, resulting in the destruction of the vehicle.

That fire was caught on video and was believed to have begun shortly after 1:30, with the car burning for several minutes before firefighters could extinguish the flames. The video captured a series of small explosions, at one point creating a fireworks-like burst of white-hot material.

Investigators think the series started about 10 minutes earlier in the 3800 block of Pershing Avenue, when the arsonist lit a pair of trash cans on fire, causing some minor damage to a nearby fence.

The next fire was the Tesla, about six blocks away. A short while later, the arsonist was at the North Park Library at 31st Street and North Park Way, where a fire was set in some trash and debris next to the building, scorching the stucco wall.

At some point the firebug made their way back to the 3600 block of Villa Terrace, torching another trash can, this one near another Tesla and an Audi, causing minor damage to both cars. This fire was not reported till 3:30, police say, but it may have occurred earlier.

Police also got a report of a trash fire behind 3055 University Ave sometime between 01:20 and 3:30.

At this time, investigators have no witnesses to any of the fires. Anybody with information is being urged to contact the San Diego Police Department. Anonymous tips can be called in to Crime Stoppers at (619) 235-8477.

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