School mask debate on social media heating up in Pinellas County

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Parents of school age children in Pinellas County are still debating whether masks should be required in school.

Many are posting on the Pinellas County School District’s facebook page. Some believe, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases we’ve seen recently, there should be a mandate in place.

Laura McCrary is one of them.

“I’m very disappointed in our school district and our school superintendent,” said McCrary, who’s son is a senior in high school. “I’m concerned about lunch. Of course you can’t eat through a mask, and they are going to have a half hour lunch. My child has told me he is going to do his best to stay about 20 feet from everybody while he eats lunch. “

Nick Mehas’ two daughters attend Midtown Academy in St. Petersburg.

“We sent our girls in masked up, with hand sanitizer,” said Mehas, who would feel more comfortable if masks were required. “We’re just trying to keep all of the kids safe, so it seems like that should be the basic, what we should have as our main goal. “

Others are posting praise on the school district’s facebook page, thanking district officials for not making it a requirement.

“My son is super excited to start school this year without a muzzle on his face,” Kristin Dibell wrote. “FREEDOM tastes so sweet!!! And the beauty is, if you want to wear a mask … nobody is stopping you…. but we, the FREE people are able to be just THAT …. FREE!!!”

“My daughter is excited!!” Libby Williams said. “She can’t wait for her first day of middle school (tomorrow)! Let’s spread positivity, not fear/anger. You’re only upsetting yourself.”

School Superintendent Dr. Michael Grego says safety is the district’s main concern.

“Every safety mitigation factor that was in place last year is in place this year,” Grego said. “And we are adding to it. Each and every one of these buses have a supply of masks if students so desire. “

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