Savoring a social media hiatus

An unscripted sister moment that escaped Abbey's social media feed during an "unplugged" camping excursion.

During our family’s camping excursion into the wild, wonderful wilderness of West Virginia, a side benefit to our time in the tent was the poor wifi. I’d forgotten what a blessing it is to be “unplugged,” and after the initial disappointment period (“Gah, that’s such a cute photo and I can’t share it with the world!”), being a tech minimalist proved to be an enjoyable experience.

So enjoyable, in fact, that I decided to extend it after we returned home.

I’d always been a little envious of my friends who took “breaks” by temporarily deactivating their social media accounts, but told myself, like any addict worth his salt, that “I can quit any time I want to,” rationalizing that I use it for work (which is true).

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