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‘Reverse drone’ new trick to push Pakistan drugs into Punjab | Amritsar News

AMRITSAR: Reverse drone operation, which uses the UAVs controlled from India, is the new audacious Pakistani trick for pushing weapons and drugs into this country while the Indian troops watch the enemy’s sky. An arrested smuggler revealed this strategy to the Special Task Force (STF).
Pakistani drone activity on the international border along Indian Punjab has increased. STF’s additional inspector general (AIG) Snehdeep Sharma claimed to have gathered the inputs about reverse drone operation from cross-border smuggler Lakhbir Singh ‘Lakha‘ of Chak Mishri Khan in Lopoke police jurisdiction, from whom the cops had seized a Chinese drone, 1.6-kilogram heroin, two guns, a tablet computer, and a getaway car.
The conventional practice of Pakistani smugglers was to send drones past the border to airdrop illegal consignments that their local contacts then collected. Reversing this process, Lakha would despatch a drone from India to Pakistan, where it was loaded with drugs and called back to India.
The Special Task Force (will study Lakha’s smuggling history to find out how he acquired the drone and who taught him to operate it and gave him the radio frequency to communicate with Pakistan.
The AIG claimed Lakha to have connections with both Pakistani and Indian smugglers.
The STF will also gather input from the Border Security Force (BSF).
Meanwhile, the BSF troops deployed along the Indo-Pak International Border (IB) in Amritsar sector downed another Pakistani drone on Monday, fifth in four days.
According to BSF reports, troops deployed in the Bhaini Rajputana area near Amritsar successfully downed a suspected Pakistani drone after hearing a mild buzzing sound on May 22 night.
Upon further investigation, the BSF recovered a black-coloured DJI Matrice 300 RTK quadcopter, along with a consignment containing two packets weighing approximately 2.1 kg of suspected heroin from the farming fields of Bhaini Rajputana village.
Notably, the consignment was equipped with a small torch for easy detection by smugglers.
This incident follows a series of earlier drone intrusions, including one on May 21 where a consignment of approximately 3.3 kg heroin was seized, and three incidents on May 19, where two drones were downed, and 2.5 kg heroin was recovered.
The drones intruded into the Indian territory near Udhar Dhariwal village and Rattan Khurd village in Amritsar district.
One drone from the May 19 incidents descended on the Pakistani side.

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