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Reasons behind the Limited Use of Artificial Intelligence in Latin American Media

Journalists are automating processes and using systems that mimic human behavior to design tasks related to news gathering, content creation, distribution, marketing, and subscriptions in Latin America.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) has stopped merely being a science fiction component and has become a reality in recent years. Automation of processes and the creation of systems that mimic human behavior have reached journalism and are being used to design tasks of news gathering, content creation, distribution, marketing, and subscriptions. Automating processes and creating systems that mimic human behavior have reached journalism.

The use of AI is currently somewhat limited, despite its enormous potential, and the region is ravenous for information regarding the subject.

Insufficient funds and a need for training

The organization needs AI training in addition to producing articles for publication in Latin American media.

Ironically, although there is a great deal of understanding of the potential benefits of AI systems in the media, very little or even nothing has been done at the organizational level to implement these systems.

There is an unmistakable desire present in newsrooms to implement AI. The majority of the newsrooms had not taken advantage of the chance to implement AI into their day-to-day operations, despite its availability. The typical reaction was either a lack of resources or an absence of a corporate vision to adopt AI technologies as an integral part of the organization’s future. Both of these issues were cited as the reason for the failure.

Similarly, the request made by journalists was to obtain training and trade experiences with other forms of media. The region is willing to enter the field of AI, but it needs basic information about the currently available prospects.

User loyalty

It would appear that the holy grail of reader monetization is the application of algorithms to make sense of data. Many news organizations in Latin America are either actively investigating this topic or are eager to do so. Particularly in the case of television networks, which are not accustomed to working with this kind of instrument.

The media are utilizing machine learning and AI to gain a deeper understanding of specific consumer habits, user loyalty, and the integration of advertising campaigns.

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