Practise good social media etiquette

I STRONGLY urge social media users to be respectful of one another. Some abuse the platforms they use to hurl insults, make rude comments and humiliate people, especially over differences in opinions.

There have also been instances of late when some users change the spelling of the names of prominent people to ridicule them – there is no need to resort to such childish actions. At least have the decency and manners to respect someone’s name. Do not make light of a person’s name just because it brings some childish gratification.

Yes, there is free speech, but do not abuse it in this manner. The audacity of some individuals who say anything they want without a care for the feelings of others comes from the illusion of anonymity that social media platforms offer. If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t say it online.

Today, as we mark our 64th National Day, let us take a moment to reflect. We are not out of the woods yet with the Covid-19 pandemic. So please make an effort to be a better person. The strengthened sense of hope and togetherness will serve to benefit all. Let the Malaysian spirit of unity pull us out of this storm together.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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