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“Y’all my great grandpa is 100 today and still looks amazing,”  reads the caption of the post.

People often take to Twitter to wish happy birthday to their loved ones. This Twitter user did the same and now the post has sparked a sweet thread on the micro-blogging site. There is a chance that the wholesome viral share will leave you smiling.

“Y’all my great grandpa is 100 today and still looks amazing,” the Twitter user wrote while sharing an image. The picture shows an elderly man sitting on a sofa smiling.

Take a look at the wonderful post:

The post has been shared two days ago on October 23. Since being posted, the tweet has gathered more than 2.9 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing. Besides wishing the man happy birthday and sharing that the tweet is wholesome, people also posted pictures of their own parents or grandparents.

“Amazing is an understatement,” wrote a Twitter user. “He looks amazing,” posted another. “Happy birthday, sir! May your days be filled with love and laughter! Cheers!” expressed a third.

The Twitter user also shared another post to share their great grandpa’s reaction to the tweet going viral. “He said thank you for all of the birthday wishes. He was so surprised to see how many likes and retweets he got lol,” they wrote.

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