Popeyes drive-thru customer leaves with a job in viral TikTok

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Published: 2022-09-27T11:59:35

Updated: 2022-09-27T11:59:54

A Popeyes restaurant found an unexpected ally in the form of a drive-thru customer, as they were so hungry that they offered to work for them to get orders out quickly.

Fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Popeyes might be known for their speedy service, but sometimes obstacles get in the way.

Working in fast-paced environments like a kitchen can be a daunting task but one faithful Popeyes customer was up to the task. One particular Popeyes restaurant was in desperate need of assistance to get their day going.

In their darkest hour (the morning shift), a savior appeared at their drive-thru.

Popeyes drive-thru customer stuns TikTok with job offer

Amassing over 1.3 million views on TikTok, now-viral sensation @thoroughbred_84 shared a video of her friend stepping up to ensure that their local Popeyes opened on time.

In the TikToker’s video, their friend is talking through the drive-thru intercom, as the employee explains: “we don’t open till 11 AM… We’re short-staffed, so don’t we don’t open till 11 AM.”

Despite the TikToker’s friend claiming that the “website said 10 o’ clock”, they didn’t let this barrier stop them: “Can I have a job then? Cause I’m hungry.”

“I’m on the website and I’m trying to do the application, but it won’t let me do it. It’s talking about a server error,” continued the customer.

The drive-thru staff promptly told them to “come to the window” to discuss the details further.

In a follow-up video, it was revealed that they successfully got the job: “I start Monday at 8 o’clock.”

TikTok commenters are loving it too, as one user joked “start Monday at 8 o’clock so they should be ready to open at 10 right?”

Others have banded together to congratulate them, while users such as @MaiSosaFelan have said: “I’ve never wanted to work FF until this, I want to work with you PERIOD! Your energy is contagious and I’m here for it!”

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