Police caution first day of school posts on social media

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Store shelves of school supplies are empty and backpacks are filled as kids begin their first days of school. Parents also share their child’s first-day excitement on social media, but how safe is it?

“You know the internet is amazing you know we all can do great things with it if that’s our intention but if the intention is to not do great things with it then that can be a really bad situation,” said Michael Reiman, Durand Police Chief.

“I don’t tend to post a lot but I did post today so I think it’s whatever you’re comfortable with,” said Tana Ginter who is a mom to two.

Ginter says even though she posted first day photos, her settings are private and only friends and family can view them. The hope is to keep unwanted predators away.

“I think if people want your information they’re going to get it anyway,” she says.

While she teaches her kids about “stranger danger,” part of the lesson includes privacy and trust. Explaining why it’s not good to share everything online.

“As they grow older I also want them to trust their intuition cause that comes with age. Just having them make good choices and follow their gut and stay away from people that they don’t know,” said Ginter.

City leaders say parents need to know who their kids contact because it is way too easy for predators to access information.

“Probably really need to be checking in with them really frequently to see who they’re online with and who these people are that they’re playing games with,” said Reiman.

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