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Pic of king cobra eating another cobra goes viral, post prompts varied responses | Trending

“Nature is scary” – if you’re a regular user of the Internet, chances are you’re aware that there are numerous videos and images that perfectly describes the statement. There is now a latest inclusion to that category. It is an image showing a king cobra eating another cobra. The picture has now prompted people to share varied comments.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to share the incredible picture. “Ophiophagus hannah. A king cobra eating a spectacled cobra. They feed on lesser mortals,” he wrote while sharing the picture.

Take a look at the Twitter post:

Since being shared a few days ago, the post has already gathered more than 1,700 likes and the numbers are only increasing.

While replying to his own post, the IFS officer also added, “The scientific name of this king cobra is; Ophiophagus hannah. “Ophiophagus” is derived from Greek, meaning “snake-eating” and hannah is derived from the name of tree-dwelling nymphs in Greek mythology. So king living true to its name. The only snake which build nests.”

The post also gathered tons of comments. From asking questions to expressing their wonder, people share all sort of reactions.

“Didn’t know snakes eat snakes… thanks for the know-how,” shared a Twitter user. “Look at his eyes,” expressed another. “Nice info,” commented a third.

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