Peach and apple trees benefit from July’s rainfall

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Close to 13 inches of rain has fallen across the Pioneer Valley this month and farmers are feeling the effects of that. Just Tuesday night, we received even more rain bringing the total even higher.

Crops like peppers have been destroyed with the amount of rain we have gotten mainly because they are directly on the ground. Peach and apple trees have been able to sustain the high rainfall amounts since they aren’t directly on the ground.

Ben Clark, owner of Clarksdale Fruit Farm, told 22News, “The wet weather has actually helped the trees grow and they’re retaining that moisture, so like right now the peaches are really nice and juicy.”

Berries and other crops that are closer to the ground are dealing with too much moisture, causing growth of bacteria and fungus which could kill and ruin them. Since peaches are just starting to come into season, farms like Clarksdale Fruit Farm are hopeful that the wet weather is behind us.

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