Patriots’ Bill Belichick still doesn’t care about social media, offers deep dive into coaching

Damien Harris’ late fumble will likely be the most memorable play of New England’s season-opening loss to Miami.

The play was met with a ton of armchair criticism on social media — not uncommon for Twitter — and on Friday morning, Bill Belichick was asked broadly how he helps players navigate feedback as a coach. He began his answer with a disclaimer.

“I don’t really know or care anything about social media,” Belichick said. “I don’t even know what’s out there or isn’t out there, so that’s irrelevant to me. But it doesn’t matter. We played football before there was social media and it didn’t matter then either.”

From there, Belichick dove into how the Patriots handle things.

“I think anytime you have a team that we all rely on each other, we’re all accountable to each other, we all support each other and we all make mistakes,” Belichick said. “We can make a mistake at the beginning of the game, we can make a mistake at the end of the game and sometimes that gets magnified because of the timing of it. But there are other things that could have happened at different points of the game that would have had just as big or maybe even a bigger effect on the game.

“I know there are things in the game that I maybe could have done a better job of, or maybe done differently, and I think it would have affected the outcome of the game. I’m sure every player and coach and participant in the game feels like that. I felt like that when I called plays or even when I played. Not that I was a good player, but you still feel accountable for the things you do out there.”

Belichick explained that mistakes are bound to happen, but it’s the mindset players come into the building with that really matters.

“At the same time everybody is doing the best that they can,” Belichick said. “Nobody is not doing the wrong thing on purpose. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it does. But in the end, you control you preparation, you control your effort, you control your attitude, you control your toughness, those things are all in your control. You do the best that you can with those. Once you let those go, then I think that’s really where the problems start because now you’re not doing everything you can to give yourself and your team the best chance.”

Then win or lose, it’s time to attack the next challenge.

“You turn the page. You move on. You prepare. You get ready for the next opportunity. You do that as an individual. You do it as a unit. You do it as a team,” Belichick said. “I think the true competitors and the true professionals that I’ve been around — and I’ve been fortunate to be around a lot of them — you approach it that way. You control what you can control. What happens, happens. If you learn from it, you learn from it. But then you move ahead to the next opportunity, the next competition and you do the best you can in that one.”

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