Owner of Tesla Model X With Water Leak Gets Rid of Second One, Also a Lemon

Owner of Tesla Model X With Water Leak Gets Rid of Second One, Also a Lemon

For some, buying a Tesla would be like a dream. For Sergio Rodriguez, it turned into a bitter experience not only once but twice. His first Tesla Model X got famous worldwide when it presented a bizarre water leak on the A-pillar: water gushed from underneath it when he went through puddles. The Electrified Garage and Doctor Tesla clarified it was a windshield issue. Unable to fix it, Tesla bought back his lemon and sold Rodriguez a new Model X. Rodriguez returned it on August 10 and shared a video on Twitter about that: it was another lemon.

This time, he faced different issues, but no less persistent, as his list clearly demonstrates.

“I tried to be patient. I bought it on March 21, 2020. Since then, I have had three window regulators on the driver’s side window replaced. They were adjusted three times adjusted to help it close, with six visits to the Tesla Service Center just for the windows.”

This was not even close to the worst problem he had – perhaps the most annoying.

“I had eight half shaft replacements and the driver’s side control arm replaced. The A/C temperature switch failed last year. The rear hatch motor failed and was replaced, apart from three sets of taillight assemblies, multiple glitches regarding the right rear passenger seatbelt, multiple glitches regarding park assist, multiple glitches with screens turning off while driving… I turned it in with half shafts bad and needing replacement and the driver’s side window acting up.”

The suspension problems with the Model X and Model S are also a known issue. They even have a fervorous enemy called Keith Leech, who is dedicated to denouncing “whompy wheels,” as he likes to call them. In September 2020, a Swiss Tesla Model S owner experienced that while going 200 km/h (124 mph) on an Autobahn.

Apart from the issues, Rodriguez also thinks he will get rid of another nuisance: Tesla supporters. He experienced a hard time when he bought a Ford Mustang Mach-E and praised the car publicly.

“The attacks from the fanboys when I got the Mach-E changed my mind on keeping it. I truly feel I’m supporting their jacked-up behaviors by having that car association.”

Rodriguez recently told us that his first Model X is on its way to Ukraine. Considering it was never fixed when he owned it, it is very likely to arrive there with the same issues. We’ll pay careful attention when he googles the VIN of his second lemon in a while.

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