OnlyFans model kicked out of vacation home after bikini pic

Karley Stokes/Instagram

Karley Stokes/Instagram

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. In Naples, the Florida resort town, one woman’s photo is costing her and her friends thousands of dollars.

OnlyFans model Karley Stokes took to social media to tell friends and followers that after posting a bikini pic at a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), she and her crew were kicked out.

Stokes and her pals are still waiting for a refund, the South Florida resident told the Miami Herald. The cost for a week’s stay was $26,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be seeing any of that money anytime soon.

Stokes said she and her group checked in on May 25, ate dinner, hung out by the pool and took selfies. Not even 24 hours later, a security guard came to the property and told them to pack their bags and go.

“The property manager had looked us up on Instagram and just assumed by my past posts that we would be filming [OnlyFans] content,” the 29-year-old said of the popular pay-per-view adult subscription site.

“We responded asking them to please provide us what evidence they have of us violating but they have refused to give us any proof of us breaking any rules,” she said. “And they said they do not have to give us that information.”

According to VRBO’s policies, refunds are issued based on the individual property’s cancellation policy.

In a statement to the Miami Herald, a VRBO spokeswoman said the case has been reviewed thoroughly.

“The guest used the home as a photo and video production studio, which is a violation of the house rules set by the host and agreed to by the guest in the rental agreement,” she said. “Because the house rules were violated, the guest is not eligible for a refund for the booking.”

Stokes vows to continue fighting to get even a partial refund, but admits it’s been tough to get in contact with anyone from the Austin, Texas- based company.

“It’s so frustrating and I feel helpless,” she said.

Celebrity/real time news reporter Madeleine Marr has been with The Miami Herald since 2003. She has covered such features as travel, fashion and food. In 2007, she helped launch the newspaper’s daily People Page, attending red carpet events, awards ceremonies and press junkets; interviewing some of the biggest names in show business; and hosting her own online show. She is originally from New York City and has two daughters.

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