OceanStake – Put Your Idle Crypto Assets to Work

The crypto market is going through winter. It means prices are tumbling, and there appears no hope for a quick resurgence. However, this is not the first time it seemed all hope was lost. In the past, the crypto markets have swung back unexpectedly, landing many investors a huge fortune.

As such, the mantra in the crypto market is to hodl. That simply means one has to wait out the tough times, and the crypto markets will rise again. However, instead of keeping your crypto assets locked away, there is another option. You could invest them for daily rewards.

OceanStake- a Simple Investment Platform

OceanStake is an ideal platform for those looking for a low-effort investment for their idle assets. On the platform, investors are assured of daily rewards of up to 5%. Thanks to compounding, those rewards will grow over time.

How Does investing in OceanStake Work?

The process is as simple as it seems. You simply deposit some BNB in an address provided by the platform. OceanStake will then start sending you daily rewards for your assets. To begin the process, you must deposit some BNB in your account.

You do not need any technical expertise to do this. You are good to go as long as you know how to move BNB from one account to another.

With OceanStake, you have no worries. There is no risk of losing your financial details since they are not required. A simple platform does not ask for complex details. You deposit some BNB, sit back, and wait for the investment to grow.

How Much Will You Earn

You can earn up to 5% daily via this innovative platform. The 5% daily reward is achieved in different ways. Every day, you will get 1% of the amount you have staked, with a maximum limit of 200%. There is also a 0.1% daily increase if you keep the rewards on the platform up to 2%. Finally, there is the contract balance bonus. Each time the contract checks the current balance, you will get an extra 0.1% for every 1000 BNB in the contract.

How Can You Trust the Platform?

First, the smart contract for OceanStake runs on the Binance Smart Chain network. That means anyone can look up the code and see if it is fair. However, the OceanStake team knows not everyone who invests in crypto is a coding expert.

They worked with Hazecrypto and Ethos, two reputable audit firms. Both of them came to similar conclusions. They found that the smart contract code was provably fair for all who invested even the least amount accepted.


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