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Nuritas Artificial Intelligence Discovers Plant-Sourced Peptides with Dramatic Effects on Muscle Strength and Recovery

 Second PeptiStrong™ trial may offer the most effective solution ever discovered for muscle health

 NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A second clinical on Nuritas ingredient PeptiStrong™, discovered using the company’s exclusive AI peptide-discovery platform, offers the most effective and revolutionary solution ever discovered for muscle function.

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PeptiStrong™ –  a patented intelligent oral ingredient sourced from plants that can elevate food, vitamins and supplements – has successfully undergone two clinical studies.

The results of the first, carried out by Maastricht University, showed that PeptiStrong™ performs better than traditional animal proteins – specifically milk protein – when it comes to muscle synthesis.

A second clinical, published in Nutrients and performed in the Sports Surgery Clinic Dublin under the supervision of Dr Andrew Franklyn-Miller, goes beyond this, demonstrating that PeptiStrong is a unique multi-faceted solution whose action at the root cause of muscle health and muscle ageing could benefit multiple industries and various consumer profiles.

Dr Guru Ramanathan commented: “Today’s consumers are scrutinizing the efficacy and scientific backing of their products, and their expectations for scientific demonstration keep growing. They are also much more aware of all nutritional approaches and have reached a point where they have optimized their own nutrition. This is a new generation of ingredients that signals the cells and the body to function, and to make a better use of any type of nutrition. Combining oral peptides and nutritional compounds in supplements and functional food will bring green tech innovation to a whole new level.”


  • PeptiStrong™ boosts strength recovery and performance after exercise: 72 hours after intense exercise, the volunteers that didn’t take PeptiStrong™ lost 54% more strength than those that did.

  • PeptiStrong™ helps fight fatigue and recover high energy levels: The group using PeptiStrong™ were able to perform consistently and 72hrs after intense exercise produced 47% more power in their final set of exercises compared to the placebo.

  • PeptiStrong™ reduces exercise-induced damage: PeptiStrong™ displayed a beneficial effect on a wide range of exercise-induced biomarkers (myokines) associated with muscle health, including reduced myostatin.

Dr Andrew Franklyn-Miller added: “PeptiStrong™ had already demonstrated some remarkable results in muscle synthesis in previous work, but we were able to demonstrate that participants could recover faster, regain strength, and be better prepared for their next training session despite muscle failure from fatigue. This allows gym-goers to go harder and recover faster. The discovery of peptides that act as enablers to enhance recovery is the beginning of a new dawn”.

Global leader in AI-based peptide discovery, Nuritas is focused on discovering and launching a new generation of intelligent ingredients that will help companies make the products we use and consume everyday healthier, safer and greener. The plant-sourced Nuritas peptides are exclusive patented ingredients that are more powerful than the plant itself. They use cell-signaling power to boost natural pathways in the body and help it perform at its best, marking the beginning of a new era, leading the way in replacing ingredients we have known before.

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