Nigerian grower showcases farmland

Wiebe Boer shared pictures on his LinkedIn page of his farmlands located in Kwall, Bassa LGA, Plateau State. Wiebe, born and raised in Jos by his Dutch parents, expressed delight at starting up a family tradition. He celebrated young people who have taken up farming and highlighted some produces which can be exported after being grown in Nigeria. He listed coffee, asparagus, strawberries, red cabbage, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, spices, flowers, grapes, and wine as some of the produce he had ventured in. 

Godwin Okafor said: “Nigeria’s educational systems need to detach from too many certifications and go practical in farming and agriculture, as I think that people chase certificate too much in Nigeria. All states government should woo young diaspora Nigerians investors with great incentives in agricultural farming.” 

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