Nick Kyrgios posts ‘declaration of love’ to girlfriend on social media

Nick Kyrgios took to Instagram to write a short letter for his girlfriend and fiancee Costeen Hatzi.

The Australian has spoken many times about his girlfriend explaining that he would be lost without her. Since starting that relationship, Kyrgios started playing much better on the court and adopted a more positive attitude towards tennis. His whole demeanour did not change but many observed that his outlook matured quite a bit compared to previous years.

Some argue it’s because of some stability in his private life which wasn’t always the case. To thank her for the support, Kyrgios penned a short letter:

“Dear Coz, what a journey we have been on already. My life has honestly never been the same since I’ve met you, you continue to make me smile and be everything I need in tough moments. There will always be struggle in life & I only ever want to ride the ups and downs with you. We explore the world and continue to experience all the craziness out there but this is just a small reminder that I love you and you are my best friend.”

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