NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

Space Jam dropped some NFTs as part of their marketing mix, Budweiser is raising a toast to a new partnership, and Rolling Stone Magazine looks like the latest media publication to join the NFT-sphere. Another busy week in the books in the world of NFTs. Let’s dig in on all the latest from the past seven days of non-fungible tokens.

This Week’s Non-Fungible Token News

Space Jam: A Slam Dunk NFT?

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” went all-out in marketing, partnering with video games like Fortnite and launching major campaign visibility through digital billboards and more. Naturally, it didn’t stop there. Warner Bros recently partnered with Niftys, so naturally Space Jam NFTs just had to happen. 91,000 free NFTs were released this week and sold out faster than a game-winning jump shot.

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VaynerNFT: The Newest Gary Vee Venture Locks In Budweiser

VaynerX, led by crypto and NFT advocate and long-time entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, announced the launch of VaynerNFT this week. In tandem, the VaynerNFT team also shared their first major “NFT agency of record” client, Budweiser. Budweiser parent company AB InBev is showing increased commitment to NFTs after minting NFTs for sub-brand Stella Artois and partnering with NFT horse-racing platform ZED.RUN in the past. Budweiser has been a VaynerMedia partner for roughly a decade, and now will extend their relationship further with NFT engagement.

South American Soccer Cup, “Copa America”, Mints Trophy NFT

The South American Football Federation partnered with NFT platform Ethernity to mint a trophy NFT. Argentina sealed it’s first title win in 28 years to bring home the trophy. You can find the full listings of secondary sales for the ‘Copa America’ NFT series here.

Polygon is making increased efforts to get involved with NFTs. | Source: MATIC-USD on

Damien Hirst: Physical Vs. Digital, It’s Your Choice

Later this month, respected contemporary artist Damien Hirst will release 10,000 hand-painted works of art with corresponding NFTs. NFT holders have one year to decided whether they want to trade their NFT in for a physical piece of Hirst’s art; if they do so, the NFTs are burned. Hirst will release the NFTs on the HENI platform. Hirst is reportedly the UK’s richest living artist.

Polygon: Not Just DeFi

Polygon has made big strides in the DeFi landscape, but why stop there? The platform has partnered with esports tournament organizer Community Gaming and will start hosting tournaments in August that involve buying, holding, and selling NFTs as trading cards, too.

The platform is also partnering with designer fashion company Dolce & Gabbana to host NFT collection “Collezione Genesi” (“Dress from a Dream”). The NFTs will feature in three D&G events next month.

Papa Was A Rolling Stone

CNN, TIME Magazine, the list goes on and on when it comes to media companies and NFTs. Feel free to add Rolling Stone Magazine to it, as of this week. The publication is kicking off a magazine cover for the Australian edition of Rolling Stone,

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