NFT: Sulake announces the launch of 12,500 Habbo NFTs

Sulake, the Habbo developer, revealed it would be releasing its NFT collection. It will be featuring the Habbo pixel art characters.

The new Habbo avatar NFTs are set to be sold through an auction at OpenSea, the biggest NFT, and digital asset marketplace today. The Habbo Avatar NFT project collection will have a total of 12,500 randomly generated avatars, but only 10,000 of these are going up for auction. The remaining 2,500 NFTs will be reserved for all active Habbo users. They can use these pixel art characters in competitions and giveaways.

As per the Pocket Gamer, during the auction process, participants will see each of the token’s price going down until it reaches the lowest of 0.1 Ethereum, which is equivalent to about $300 now. It was added that these Habbo non-fungible token avatars were minted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

“The technology behind the NFTs provides tremendous security, giving greater control and a more defined ownership over digital Habbo merchandise,” Sulake chief executive officer, Valtteri Karu, said in a press release. “Fans of Habbo can now own and collect items that embed themselves within Habbo’s history and infrastructure. This is a natural evolution of the collection of digital items that have been an integral part of Habbo since the game first arrived on the internet over 21 years ago.”

The creation and sale of the Habbo NFTs have other reasons too. It was reported that another goal was to encourage other NFT communities to join Habbo.

Meanwhile, apart from the new NFT collection that it will be launching, Sulake also signed an agreement with Offsetra for a partnership deal. This was done to offset the increasing carbon footprint linked to non-fungible token minting.

Sulake and Azerion, its parent company, have a strong commitment to care for the environment and help fight climate change. Offsetra mainly works on measuring the carbon emissions from NFT minting and then offset harmful substances through ecological initiatives and programs like tree planting.

For interested buyers of the Habbo pixelated character NFTs, they may visit the project’s website for more information. The NFTs will be available this week at Habbo’s web store.

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