New web cam offers view of Highway 1 at Vedder Canal in Chilliwack

Camera at Vedder Canal bridge a ‘frequently requested’ location showing westbound, eastbound views

A new web cam from DriveBC will give motorists a way to monitor conditions on Highway 1 over the Vedder Canal in Chilliwack.

The web cam joined the provincial network of hundreds of DriveBC cameras in 2023, and it was of the “frequently requested” locations for a web cam.

The Vedder Canal bridge web cam was one of 11 new online cameras installed this past year by provincial crews, providing a better look at the traffic and weather conditions for anyone planning road trips, especially in wintertime. The camera shows both the westbound and eastbound lane views, and joins other cameras at Evans, Prest and Annis Roads.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure crews installed the latest cameras strategically, based on needs of residents, contractors or weather experts.

Some of the new cameras and views added to the network in 2023 include:

* Highway 1 at the Vedder Canal Bridge in the Fraser Valley, which was a frequently requested camera, showing highway and traffic conditions along that stretch of the highway.

* Highway 3 at Allison Pass, 10 kilometres west of Manning Park resort. The recent replacement of this camera has improved the reliability and images of current conditions, including a new view looking west.

* Adams Lake ferry landing, roughly 80 kilometres northeast of Kamloops and 50 kilometres northwest of Salmon Arm, which provides current conditions for ferry users. During the 2023 wildfires, it provided much-needed information to emergency services and residents until wildfires cut power to the area.

* Steamboat on Highway 3/93 near Ha Ha Creek Road with west and east views. Along with the attached weather station, this camera provides much-needed information about current conditions.

* Ucluelet-Tofino Highway junction on Highway 4 with north, west and east views. The camera provides views of conditions on Vancouver Island’s west coast.

* Highway 5 about two kilometres north of Highway 24. This new Little Fort north camera is part of a safety-enhancement program for the highway. The camera installation also included a new dynamic message sign (DMS) to alert southbound drivers of conditions as they approach the junction at Highway 5 and Highway 24.

As part of network expansion, these latest additions bring the total DriveBC webcam network to 496 cameras delivering 1,013 views of current road conditions.

Many DriveBC cameras are pan-tilt-zoom cameras that can deliver several views from a single position. On the Lower Mainland, many intersection cameras provide images of four or more positions.

See all the webcams.

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