New Lawsuit Targets Biden Admin for Colluding With Social Media Giants to Stifle Free Speech

The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Our Founders recognized the inherent dangers of outlawing what might be considered to be undesirable speech. They also foresaw the threat of government infringement on the free exchange of thought and ideas. The Fourteenth Amendment created additional protection of citizens from their government through the addition of the due process clause which guarantees that “liberty” cannot be taken away without “due process.” Over the years, courts have expanded the Free Speech interpretation of the First Amendment to apply against state and local governments in addition to the federal level. Notably, the First Amendment does not apply against companies, organizations or most importantly, individuals.

The guarantee of Free Speech extends to all viewpoints, good or evil. There is no exception for Communism, Nazism, Islamic radicalism, sexist speech, or “hate speech.” There is, however, a small set of narrow exceptions to free speech protection, including Incitement (speech that is intended or likely to persuade people to engage in imminent unlawful conduct), Libel, fraud, and perjury (if they consist of knowing lies), Obscenity, Threats (where speech can be reasonably perceived as a threat of violence), and speech owned by others (including Intellectual property laws, such as copy-right law). But despite the prohibition against government infringement on citizen’s rights to speak freely, direct and overt censorship of American citizens is exactly what the Biden Regime has been engaging in. And they’ve been making no secret about their intentions.

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