ND universities still using TikTok for promotion and recruiting despite campus ban

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KNOX/KFGO) – Despite a ban on the use of TikTok on North Dakota University System devices and networks at least six colleges are using the social media platform to promote their campuses.

The NDUS board made the decision to block the Chinese social media app in March for reasons of national security.

NDUS Vice Chancellor Jerry Rostad told members of the NDUS Research and Governance Committee that the colleges in question are working within the rules of the ban.

“They are doing it either on computers at home, handheld devices on campus that are personally owned, or with third party vendors that they are doing their marketing or communications with,” Rostad said.

Rostad says the various institutions believe TikTok is an important tool for recruiting.

The committee was tasked with reviewing the policy after two schools requested a waiver. That request has since been withdrawn.

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